Sisters of the Morning Star

Non-Cloistered Contemplative Sisters

We are “non-cloistered” contemplative Sisters. This is a more unusual status for contemplative Sisters, but it is a point that our founder thought to be very important. He wanted us to live a fully contemplative life, but in such a way that we could be visible signs and presences of prayer in today’s world. He realized that in today’s world, that is so marked by despair, sadness and lack of hope and faith, this visible sign of contemplative life was very much in need. This also allows us to more easily welcome people on retreat, or be present to parish or diocesan functions, at the request of the parish priest or bishop.

However, we must be attentive to discerning the call of the Holy Spirit, and not allow this freedom of our non-cloistered status to become a distraction from our call to a very radical life of intimacy with Christ in silence and solitude.

In order to live fully this life of silence and solitude, we need to have a space that is truly our convent, with one area reserved only for the Sisters (this is what we call the “cloister” area of our convent). (The future chapel, classroom and guest area will be in the “non-cloistered” space of the school-convent.

Our Work:

We try to help sustain ourselves by our craft work, including: leather work (sandals, belts, Bible covers, pencil cases), rosaries, jams, candles, aprons, greetings cards. We also diminish our expenses by doing as much as we can by ourselves including: sewing our own habits, making our own sandals, making our own altar candles. We also have all our daily chores and tasks such as cleaning, house maintenance, and cooking.