School Advisory Commission (SAC)


The School Advisory Commission for the School and Preschool (SAC) is a group of school staff and parents whose children attend IHM School & Preschool who, along with the clergy, administration, and Pastoral Council are dedicated to the promotion and welfare of Catholic education. This commission of IHM stakeholders is responsible for recognizing and effectively communicating relevant ideas and strategies to further achieve the educational goals & mission of the school and parish.


2015-16 Commission Members


Vice President:


Minute keeper (back-up):

Classroom Representatives

  • Pre K:
  • 4K:
  • K:
  • 1st:
  • 2nd:
  • 3rd :
  • 4th:
  • 5th:
  • 6th-8th:

Additional Non-voting Members

  • Father John (Pastor/IHM Church Parish & School)
  • Mary Bartsch (IHM Principal)
  • Trevor Stebbins (President)
  • Amy Wick (Vice President)
  • Sharon Derks (Teachers)
  •  (Pastoral Council)
  • Sandra Splinter BonDurant (Home and School)
  • Sandy Bakk (IHM Development Director)
  • Ben Lange (Athletic Director)

2017-2018 Meetings

No meeting notes yet

Commission Responsibilities

  1. Assist in development of re-accreditation and curriculum plans for the school and pre-school. Evaluate progress towards achieving these plans by reviewing the yearly surveys and results of the accreditation process.
  2. Promote, monitor and review the effectiveness of new and existing policies. This committee is responsible for aiding the Administration (Pastor and Principal), whenever possible, in the successful development and implementation of rules and regulations in accord with approved policy(s).
  3. Communicate with the Finance Council (FC) to stay abreast of the school’s operating budget and participate in any specific tasks or committees as invited by the Pastoral Council and/or FC.
  4. Actively participate in Home and School Association (HSA) financial matters, including making recommendations as to HSA expenditures and allocation of funds.
  5. Explore and direct fundraising and other sources of revenue for the operation of the school.
  6. Actively participate in the communication and marketing of the school and its programs to the parish and surrounding community.

Membership & Representation

  • Membership of the SAC shall be approximately 12 voting members, with the goal that each grade 4K – 8 and Preschool should have a representative on the SAC.
  • The membership shall serve a maximum of a three-year term with no more than one third of the membership turn over each year. Extenuating circumstances may require the Pastor to waive this requirement on occasion.
  • The HSA will have non-voting liaison members on the SAC as appropriate (or vice-versa).
  • The Past President shall be invited to participate in the SAC meetings as a non-voting member for an additional year following the fulfillment of his/her term.
  • The Pastoral Council liaison will be a non-voting member of this commission.
  • The Pastor, Principal and a teacher representative shall serve as non-voting members of the SAC.