Kindergarten Teacher – Mrs. Cayla Hess

You choose a Catholic School as a partner in passing on your faith to your child. In Kindergarten, your child will be immersed in Catholic Christian teachings and values throughout the day. Bible stories, prayer experiences, participation in school-wide liturgies, and learning to appreciate and take care of God’s world are the foundations of our religion curriculum. This all happens in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Each child is valued as a child of God and accepted for his/her uniqueness while learning how to appreciate the diversity in God’s world.

Religion Academic Standards

  • Listen to Bible Stories
  • Participation in school Liturgies
  • Recognize that baptism welcomes us into the Christian community of faith
  • Doctrine (Holy Trinity)
  • Prayer (formal and informal)
  • Spirituality (God loves and is always with us)
  • Promise (Gospel Lesson K & 1 combined)
  • School-wide service projects

Academic Curricular Content

Language Arts Academic Standards

  • Name all the upper and lower case letters
  • Identify consonants and their sounds
  • Blend sounds to make words
  • Read and print simple words
  • Dictate and illustrate sentences
  • Participate in group/individual readings
  • Recall and relate content of stories
  • Dictate/write original stories

Science Academic Standards

  • Earth – including rocks, weather and plants
  • Nutrition
  • Dinosaurs
  • Animals
  • Basic human needs
  • Art
  • Apply basic elements and principles of art
  • Learn concepts and techniques
  • Social Skills
  • Learning self- help skills
  • Cooperation and interpersonal skills

Math Academic Standards

  • Recognize patterns
  • Read and write numbers 0-30
  • Write number sentences based on concrete objects
  • Add and subtract concrete objects up to 10
  • Solve simple story problems using addition and subtraction (GCI Math)
  • Social Studies Academic Standards
  • Study of local neighborhood/maps
  • Citizenship
  • Families-friends-community helpers
  • Career exploration
  • Service projects
  • Holy days,  holidays and special events
  • Special Programs

Great Education and so much more

  • On-site before and after school daycare
  • Excellent hot lunch program
  • Fall and spring musical concerts
  • Standard based report cards
  • Educational fieldtrips

Sample Daily Schedule for Kindergarten

8:15 –  School Begins
8:30 –  Whole Group Religious Instruction
9:00 –  Reading/Language Arts
9:30 –  Milk/Snack
10:30 –  Math
11:30 –  Lunch/Recess
12:15 –  Quiet Time
12:45 –  Special Classes (Music, PE, Spanish, Library and Computer)
1:15 –  Whole Group Instruction
1:30 –  Recess
1:45 –  Science/Social Studies
2:00 –  Learning Centers
3:00 –  Closing/Dismissal

Scholarship money and affordable payment schedules are available if needed.