Immaculate Heart of Mary School Educational Values

Catholic Education is concerned with the development of all the talents of each child so that he/she will be a mature Christian, equipped with knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to make a positive contribution to society and to be everywhere a witness to the gospel teaching of Christ.

Recognizing that the parents are the first and foremost educators of the child, we welcome your suggestions for the improvement of your child’s education. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or school administrator. Contact information can be found in our School Directory.

The Spiritual Development of each child takes place through the use of a sequentially planned religious studies program. Service to others is an essential element of this value.

Intellectual Development of each child is fostered with emphasis on age appropriate education skills. These skills are developed through a variety of educational methods in preparation for the higher-level thinking and decision-making skills.

Social Development of each child evolves as the child learns to respect self and others, and to accept the responsibilities as a contributing member of his/her family, school, Church, and larger societies.

Physical Development of each child is pursued through teaching acceptance and reverence of the human body as a gift from God, and working towards a right relationship with all of God’s creation.