WRISA Accreditation

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Beginning in 2007 the staff and teachers at IHM began the process of reaccreditation, which is a 7 year process of self -study and then host a visiting team of teachers and administrators who look at the goals and achievements of the school. IHM staff hosted our visiting team in December of 2014 and having completed the process of self-study, goal reaching and setting, we are proud to announce that our school is now accredited with the Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Association for the next 7 years!

Guiding Principles Of Accreditation

A. A school is evaluated, as far as possible, in terms of its own vision, mission, and core values. Although individual differences exist among schools and communities, schools are evaluated in terms of standards.

B. A school is evaluated upon the basis of its total identity as an institution of learning. While it seems necessary that a school be judged in terms of its particular characteristics, it is recognized that variations will appear in the degree of success achieved.

C. Standards should promote educational growth. They should guide continuous self-evaluation and improvement. The standards address certain basic characteristics, including the following:

  1. Intellectual and moral climate of the school.
  2. Condition of the school facility and grounds.
  3. Adequacy of equipment and supplies
  4. Quality of instructional materials.
  5. Preservation of student records.
  6. Existence of school policies.
  7. Proof of a stable financial condition.
  8. Evidence of a comprehensive educational program.
  9. Evidence of long/short-range planning.
  10. Evidence of ongoing professional development of staff.
  11. Evidence of qualified leadership and educational staff.