The Donkey Project

"A Time of Grace" Lent 2015

This Lent, our school, parish, and religious education programs are teaming up to raise money for “The Donkey Project”. For every $600 we raise, a family in  Navrongo-Bolgatanga, Ghana, will be gifted with a donkey, a cart and other tools to farm their land. This donkey will give the family the means to grow crops to nourish themselves and possibly enough crops to sell at the local market. Donations should be turned into the Parish, with checks designated for “The Donkey Project” on the memo line or the envelope. Donations will also be collected at the school.
Brochure for Donkey Donations JAN 14 2014
Brochure for Donkey Farm Project
Dec 2010 donkey project flier

In partnership, the Catholic people of Navrongo-Bolgatanga, Ghana (West Africa) and Madison, Wisconsin (USA) ask for your blessing, O Lord, as we gather together as brothers and sisters in hope and solidarity.

We hunger for a communal expression
of joy and celebration, pain and loss,
believing and knowing that together
we are given the gifts of courage and compassion
to live and act in love.

Lord, you are the common thread,
as we weave our colors, textures, and experiences
to unite us in our faith and goals.

Awaken within us the power of your Spirit.
Encourage the building up of our relationship
to be disciples of the Word of God
to each other and the world.

We ask this of you through Christ our Lord.