Extended Care

When you need it most

Immaculate Heart of Mary School’s extended day programs are designed to be a safe, caring environment for our students in grades 4K through the Middle School. Our programs will be in session from the first full days of school in September until the last full day of school in June.

IHM has established a set of policies and procedures that are monitored closely in order to assure the quality of our program. These policies and procedures outlined in your family handbook carry over into the extended day programs. This Handbook focuses on some major policies of the 4K Wraparound program, the Afterschool program, and Homework Club/Art Studio. We hope this information will answer many of your immediate questions. Please refer to your IHM Family Handbook if you have additional questions. Keeping the lines of communication open is a valued part of our program. We want to hear your thoughts, opinions, concerns, and questions so that we may continue to improve.

If you have a question or a concern about any issue, please talk to the teacher about it. Talking to a staff member, and then to the principal is the best route for problem-solving. We are partners with you in the quality care of your child.

We thank you for allowing us to join you in providing the care, the love, and the nurturing for your developing child.