School Advisory Commission (SAC)


The School Advisory Commission (SAC) is comprised of school parents, the principal, pastor and a couple teachers. Parent members include a president, vice president, secretary and one parent representative from each classroom for grades K to 8. This group assesses and develops school policy and assists with curriculum to achieve the educational goals and mission of the school. Read the bylaws here.

2017-18 Commission Members

PresidentMarie Ethen
Vice PresidentMary Kirschbaum
SecretaryWendy Burch

Classroom Representatives

  • K: Meredith Meinholz
  • 1st: Stephanie Ehle
  • 2nd: James Tumpach
  • 3rd : Anne Bender
  • 4th: Judi Hoang
  • 5th: Sue Angileri
  • Middle School Homeroom
    • Schnell: Dana Posset
    • Derks: Claire Gnau

Additional Non-voting Members

  • Father Chad Droessler (Pastor/IHM Church Parish & School)
  • Callie Meiller (IHM Principal)
  • Sharon Derks (Teacher)
  • Cayla Hess (Teacher)
  • Sandra Splinter BonDurant (Home and School Association)


Please! If you have new ideas for policies, curriculum, etc. or if you would like further information or have questions about SAC, contact your classroom representative or email IHMSAC@yahoo.com. Together, we can make IHM School even stronger!