Fish Fry

Parent/guardian information for helping at our Fish Fry

fish fryEach family is required to work 4 (2 per parent) Fish Fry shifts.

All workers MUST check in upon arrival and check out before you leave. Please arrive 10 minutes before your shift so that we can give you instructions and answer any questions that you may have.

After you check in, hands must be washed before you start your job. Anyone serving food will be required to wear food service gloves.

Name Tags must be worn.

Workers must pay for their meals. The discounted price is $6.00. Please tell the cashier that you are a worker to receive the discount. The cashier will stamp your name tag to show that you have paid.

NO ALCOHOL will be consumed during your shifts. If you show up intoxicated or drink during your shift you will be asked to leave and you will be asked to make up  your Fish Fry commitment and another event.

If you would like to have “a” beer with your meal you may under the following guidelines.

  1. All customers have been served and no longer need our help.
  2. It is after 7:30 pm and you have completed your shift.

All criteria specified in your job description must be completed before you check out. (Job descriptions will be posted at the bar when you check in.

Childcare is for the workers only. Children must behave or you will be asked to take your child home. This would then be considered a missed shift.

The Fish Fry Handbook contains the job descriptions, health department form, alcohol policy and childcare policy.

Upcoming Fish Fry’s

There are no upcoming events at this time.