Preschool – 8th grade Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition and Fee Rates 2014-2015 School Year

Tuition Assistance


Grades K-8

Catholic Families *Parent InvestmentParish InvestmentActual Cost per StudentFees**Total Parent Cost
1st Child$3225$3490$6715$415$3640
2nd Child$3195$3520$6715$380$3575
3rd Child$2910$3805$6715$380$3290
4th & Additional$1745$4970$6715$380$2125


Non-Catholic FamiliesParent InvestmentParish InvestmentActual Cost per StudentFees**Total Parent Cost
1st Child$4690$2025$6715$415$5105
2nd & Additional$4090$2625$6715$380$4470

*Catholic tuition is charged to families who are members of IHM Parish or another Parish in the Madison Diocese

**Fees consist of $270 curriculum fee (including textbooks, technology, art & science fees),
$35 per family playground fee, $10 per child Diocesan tax, and a $100 Technology Fee.

Grades K-8 Afterschool

1st Child3:00-5:30$17.00
2nd Child3:00-5:30$14.00
3rd Child3:00-5:30$8.00

Registration Fees

There is a $200 registration fee per new family (except for Monona Grove/Open Enrollment 4K students), $150 of which will be credited toward tuition. There is a $50 registration fee per continuing family until Feb. 10th, after which the registration fee will be $200. $150 of the registration fee will be credited toward tuition (registration fees will be charged to Smart Tuition). There is a $200 registration fee for Monona Grove 4K students that need wraparound care in order to secure a spot in the program.

Every parent with students enrolled in grades K-8 are required to work three shifts per parent. There is also a Home and School Fee of $100.00 per family that is paid through Smart Tuition to the Immaculate Heart of Mary School Home and School Association.

Grade 4K

Tuition FeesTotal
Non-Monona Grove School District Resident$2715$280$2995
Monona Grove School District Resident$0 (cost is covered by MGSD)$0
  • Residents of other districts with a 4K program are eligible to apply for Open Enrollment from Feb. 4 – April 30, 2013 for the possibility of free tuition.
  • Discounted rates above will apply to twin (4K sibling) or additional children in grades K-8 for non-Monona Grove School District Residents.

Wraparound Care – $36.00 until 3:00, $17.00 from 3:00 until 5:30


2-Day Class (Bear Class)     $1,520          + $75 Curriculum Fee
3-Day Class (Frog Class)     $2,150          + $90 Curriculum Fee

Preschool Fee consists of $60 (Frog) or $45 (Bear) curriculum fee, $20 per family playground fee, $10 diocesan tax.

Sample invoice available upon request.

Scholarship Opportunities

IHM’s greatest assets are the children and families we serve. We promote their intellectual and spiritual growth through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We empower our children with the tools to become strong Catholics: secure in their faith, secure in their education, and secure in their future.

What is this program?The Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for families struggling with the costs of a quality Catholic education accompanied by the rising costs of living. At this time scholarships are offered to Catholic K-8 families.

How does it work? Families who desire financial assistance must fill out an application, which is then reviewed by a scholarship committee. If a family qualifies, assistance is awarded through a scholarship, which provides a percentage of their full tuition costs. No student receives a “full ride” and no family pays their “full cost.” Assistance is for a one year period and families will need to re-apply each year.

How can I help? To continue to offer quality Catholic education to every we student we truly need your help. The main source of income for this fund has been through the support of IHM parishioners and school families. Your investment ensures that funds will remain available for our future students.
Your donation is tax deductible and is available in the following increments:

  • One full year tuition:   $3,220
  • One semester tuition:  $1,610
  • One month tuition:      $355
  • One week tuition:         $90

To learn more about our scholarship program and to donate contact the IHM School Development Office at 8831 or email us.