Third Grade

Mrs Meiller’s classroom webpage

Mrs. Jasica’s classroom webpage

Third Grade Teachers – Mrs. Callie Meiller and Mrs. Katie Jasica


  • Scripture –Recognizes Old Testament books and New Testament gospels
  • Locates passages in the Bible
  • Doctrine – Identifies the Trinity
  • Discusses the concepts of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
  • Sacrament – Recalls the seven Sacraments
  • Identifies the Sacraments of Initiation
  • Community – Explains the two Great Commandments.
  • Explains the first three of the Ten Commandments
  • Service –Tells stories from the Gospels of people serving others
  • Plans, participates and reflects on a service activity
  • Prayer – Describes the purpose of the Stations of the Cross
  • Identifies occasions of community and private prayer.
  • Spirituality – Recognizes liturgical celebrations based on the Church year.

Social Studies

  • Geography-Uses a variety of resource materials (maps, charts, graphs, atlases) to gather information
  • Identifies the effect of physical environment on communities
  • History-Identifies how historical people and events have shaped local, state and national events
  • Political Science/Citizenship-Compare/contrast issues (current events, government)
  • Recognizes the purpose of government and citizenship concepts
  • Economics-Identifies and discusses economic concepts
  • Behavioral Science-Understands the diversity of cultures in U.S. and how values and beliefs guide people

Language Arts

  • Writes in complete sentences to answer questions
  • Writes a paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details
  • Employs standard writing conventions (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and end marks).
  • Applies handwriting skills in daily work
  • Delivers oral presentations from notes or an outline
  • Expresses ideas clearly, creatively and factually in written form
  • Writes a report using correct paragraph form


  • Demonstrates an understanding of key science concepts
  • Defines and uses scientific vocabulary
  • Collects, organizes, investigates and interprets data
  • Constructs and conducts experiments to answer scientific questions
  • Shows how science and technology affects our lives
  • Uses a variety of reliable science sources to solve scientific problems
  • Uses scientific method to pose and solve problems and predict solutions


  • Number/Operations, Processes & Algebraic Relationship
  • Reads, writes, and orders whole numbers up to 4-digits, and simple fractions
  • Identifies place-value and notation to 100,000
  • Adds and subtracts 3-4 digit numbers
  • Recalls basic facts of addition, subtraction
  • Memorizes basic facts of multiplication, division
  • Uses efficient strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems
  • Uses and applies problem solving strategies
  • Recognizes, describes, creates patterns
  • Geometry, Measurement, Statistics & Probability
  • Identifies, classifies geometric shapes
  • Identifies sides and angles
  • Finds values of dollars and cents to $10
  • Selects and uses standard and metric measurement units
  • Tells time to the nearest minute
  • Reads and interprets graphs, tables and charts
  • Estimates to determine reasonable responses


  • Uses decoding strategies: letter-word-sound relationships, word structure
  • Uses context clues
  • Reads aloud from previously read material with fluency, accuracy and expression
  • Draws conclusions, summarizes and evaluates to comprehend
  • Identifies and summarizes main ideas
  • Makes inferences and predictions to comprehend
  • Integrates reading strategies into all subject areas


  • Spells frequently used words correctly
  • Spells words from the weekly spelling list


  • Understands concepts and techniques
  • Applies basic elements and principles of art
  • Demonstrates individuality and creativity
  • Respects efforts and contributions of peers and working artists
  • Work reflects pride and enthusiasm

Music – Mrs. Gleason

  • Understands concepts and applies skills
  • Participates and performs
  • Creates and composes uses recognizable form
  • Understands the role of music in society

Physical Education – Mrs. Joyce

  • Applies knowledge of rules and skills in team and individual sports
  • Displays good sportsmanship and Christian values
  • Willingly attempts and practices all challenges
  • Understands health awareness
  • Demonstrates increased physical fitness

Technology – Dr. Maynord

  • Uses correct finger position to type home row letters and vowels
  • Opens and saves files to the hard disk, storage medium, or server
  • Navigates an internet web site

Social Development

  • Shows respect for self
  • Shows respect for peers
  • Shows respect for adults
  • Shows respect for property
  • Assumes responsibility for behavior
  • Assumes responsibility for learning
  • Solves conflicts appropriately
  • Displays independence
  • Sets, achieves and evaluates personal learning goals
  • Follows established routines and procedures
  • Demonstrates self-control
  • Applies Christian values to daily life

Work Habits

  • Completes assignments on time
  • Produces quality work
  • Works cooperatively with others
  • Follows oral and written directions
  • Uses time effectively
  • Actively listens and participates
  • Persists in tasks until completion
  • Demonstrates organizational skills
  • Seeks appropriate resources as needed
  • Accepts and uses constructive suggestions