Second Grade

Second Grade Teachers: Sister Sue Keim or Mrs. Callie Meiller


  • Scripture-Describes how the Bible is divided into two sections
  • Retells Bible stories
  • Recites the Ten Commandments; Two Great Commandments
  • Doctrine – Demonstrates an understanding of sin: Original, Mortal (serious), Venial (less serious)
  • Sacrament – Identifies grace as a gift of God’s love
  • Describes the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist
  • Community – Describes how participation in Mass and prayer unites us in the Body of Christ
  • Service –Identifies ways to put love of others in action
  • Prayer – Recites an Act of Contrition
  • Describes how prayer is essential in our relationship with God
  • Describes public and personal prayer
  • Spirituality – Expresses love of God through prayer, action, and reception of the Eucharist and Reconciliation


  • Decodes multi-syllable words, using a variety of strategies including spelling patterns
  • Reads aloud from previously read material with fluency, accuracy, and expression
  • Decodes words containing digraphs and consonants
  • Recognizes and pronounces sight/vocabulary words
  • Makes inferences and predictions to comprehend text
  • Uses context clues to comprehend text
  • Retells a story in proper sequence
  • Identifies character, setting, plot, and main idea
  • Reads a variety of materials for enjoyment and information at independent level


  • Spells words from the weekly spelling list
  • Spells frequently used words correctly
  • Uses dictionaries and other resources to find definitions and spell words correctly


  • Number/Operations, Processes & Algebraic Relationships
  • Recognizes, extends and creates patterns
  • Counts, reads, writes, orders and compares numerals to 100
  • Counts by 2, 5, 10, 25, and 100
  • Recalls by memory addition facts to 18
  • Recalls by memory subtraction facts to 18
  • Estimates quantities in problem-solving using rounding
  • Adds and subtracts 2- and 3-digit numbers with/without regrouping
  • Solves story problems using several strategies
  • Geometry, Measurement, Statistics/Probability
  • Identifies and compares plane and solid geometric shapes
  • Finds a line of symmetry
  • Draws a congruent figure
  • Identifies and compares fractions; whole, ½, 1/3, 1/4
  • Finds values of dollars and cents to $5
  • Reads and interprets measuring instruments
  • Reads and interprets picture and bar graphs
  • Tells time to 5 minutes

Language Arts

  • Edits writing using writing conventions (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, grammatical structure)
  • Applies handwriting skills in daily work
  • Writes effectively to communicate for a variety of purposes
  • Identifies nouns, verbs, adjectives
  • Recognizes subject/verb agreement
  • Plans, revises, edits and publishes clear and effective paragraphs
  • Gives simple oral presentations
  • Follows three to four step directions
  • Orally communicates information, opinions, and ideas
  • Demonstrates listening comprehension and discussion courtesy

Social Studies

  • Demonstrates understanding of key social studies concepts
  • Geography – Develops and applies mapping skills
  • History – Compares and contrasts neighborhoods across time and geography
  • Political Science/Citizenship – Recognizes and discusses personal and civic responsibilities
  • Economics – Recognizes the exchange of goods and services at local and national level
  • Behavioral Sciences – Tells how diverse groups interact with each other and their environment


  • Demonstrates understanding of key science concepts
  • Poses and solves problems
  • Compares and classifies
  • Conducts simple experiments and explains outcomes
  • Identifies scientists and their inventions


  • Understands concepts and techniques
  • Applies basic elements and principles of art
  • Demonstrates individuality and creativity
  • Respects efforts and contributions of peers and working artists
  • Work reflects pride and enthusiasm

Music – Mrs. Gleason

  • Understands concepts and applies skills
  • Participates and performs
  • Creates and composes uses recognizable form
  • Understands the role of music in society

Physical Education – Mrs. Joyce

  • Applies knowledge of rules and skills in team sports
  • Applies knowledge of rules and skills in individual sports
  • Displays good sportsmanship and Christian values
  • Willingly attempts and practices all challenges
  • Understands health awareness
  • Demonstrates increased physical fitness

Technology – Dr. Maynord

  • Demonstrates proper keyboarding posture
  • Changes font, size, and style
  • Creates and edits a simple graphic (size, shape, color, and content)

Social Development

  • Shows respect for adults
  • Shows respect for property
  • Solves conflicts appropriately
  • Demonstrates positive attitude
  • Applies Christian values to daily life

Work Habits

  • Follows established routines and procedures
  • Works cooperatively with others
  • Demonstrates self-control
  • Assumes responsibility for actions
  • Assumes responsibility for learning
  • Displays independence
  • Demonstrates organizational skills
  • Uses time effectively
  • Follows directions
  • Produces quality work
  • Actively participates and listens