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IHM’s K-5 academics, curriculum and spiritual philosophy is best expressed through the eyes of students. We encourage you to contact IHM to visit our facilities and take a one-on-one tour. Please call or email today:

IHM office
Phone: 608-222-8831
Email: secretary@ihm-school.org

Here is how a Kindergarten, first grade and second grade student might describe a typical day at IHM.


I am a kindergartener at I.H.M.  I love going to school here.  I have lots of friends including the “big kids” in the middle school.  I have my own buddy from the middle school who does lots of things with me including sitting with me at church on Thursdays when we go to Mass.  My buddy helps me to pay attention and say the prayers of the Mass.  My buddy also helps me find the right pages for singing — I love singing at Mass!

I have made so many new friends here — and I love Mrs. Hess.  She is so nice and I know she cares about me and all that I am learning this year.  Besides all the good stuff we learn with our teacher, we also have computers, Music, Spanish, Phy. Ed., and library.  All the teachers are so nice and we see the principal every day.  She comes in to say good morning and to ask us how we are doing.

I have to stop because it is time to say our morning prayers and to say the pledge of allegiance.  Every day when we have announcements we also find out who is celebrating their birthdays today and what we will have for lunch.  Lunch is always so yummy!



I am a first grader at I.H.M.   Mrs. Lipski is our teacher.  I love our class and everything we are doing now that we are big kids.

I love having my own buddy from fourth grade.  We do a lot of things together.  Our buddies helped us draw pictures to show the 7 days of Creation — but, you know, there are really only 6 days that God was busy creating because on the 7th day, God rested.  My buddy and I decided to draw a picture of God at the park playing with children and a dog on the 7th day. Our buddies helped us to label and organize all of our school supplies in our desks.  They also “drilled” us on our Math skills.  The fourth graders are so cool.  I can hardly wait to be in fourth grade so I can help the first graders myself.

We have a new Math program that is so fun!  We work out problems on our Smart Board with Curious George.  He is such a funny monkey!  He makes me laugh so much I forget that he is helping us do Math.

I LOVE Art.  We do so many fun things.  Our teacher has so much patience with our “creating”, even if we make a mess!

Mrs. Lipski makes Social Studies so much fun.  You might also think that handwriting would be boring — but not with Mrs. Lipski.  I love practicing my letters.

One last thing, since we can’t have our moms with us at school, the next best thing is we have Mrs. Winter in the office.
If we get hurt, or get sick, or get scared, Mrs. Winter is there to comfort us and take care of us.  That is especially important for the littler kids who get scared easily.  I was actually asked once by the recess teacher to bring a little kid in when she was hurt.  Mrs. Winter helped make her feel so much better.


I am in second grade at I.H.M.  This is a very important year for me.  This year I will receive my First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.  My teacher, Sister Sue, is so great.  She taught us the 10 Commandments.  In preparing for First Eucharist, we are studying the Mass.  It has really helped me understand more of what is happening at Mass.  It helps me to be more focused at Mass too.

Handwriting is exciting because this year we are learning cursive.
Writing cursive is so much faster than printing and it looks so elegant.  I love having cursive homework because, then, I can show my little brother how it is done and he thinks that’s cool, too.

We are starting to write our own stories.  The best part after we have made our corrections, is to draw the pictures to go with our stories.

We also do Readers’ Theater for all the littler kids and for the 4th and 5th graders sometimes.  If you haven’t seen Readers’ Theater, we each have a script and we read the stories as if we each are the characters in the story.  We even have props to make it look real.

I love all the classes we have but I especially like Phy. Ed. with Mr. Lange.  We really work hard at having fun and learning how to play fairly with each other.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but at IHM because I know everyone here cares about each of us and wants us all to learn.  I feel closer to God and Jesus here since we pray, talk about and refer to God and Jesus all through the day.  This is a safe and fun place to grow and learn!

Come see what IHM is like.  You’ll love it too, even if you are a parent.