Admissions Protocol

If classroom are filled and a waiting list is required, the following priorities are used to enroll new students into the school:

1. Children with sibling at IHM School (K-8).

2. Registered parishioner of IHM with child in the Preschool.

3. Registered parishioner of IHM (order of acceptance based on length of membership).

4. Registered member of another local Catholic Parish with a child in IHM preschool.

5. Registered member of another local Catholic Parish.

6. Non-Catholic with a child in the preschool.

7. Non-Catholic.

Each classroom has a capacity of 25 students. Enrollment may be capped at less than 25, if administration feels that the needs of the classroom requires that. Once enrollment is capped, students will be placed on a wait list and admissions protocol will determine admission order.