• Welcome
      Dear Friends and Visitors,

      Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) is a values-driven, preschool through grade eight Catholic school spread over six acres in a quiet and safe residential neighborhood in Monona, Wisconsin. Education should be more than academic excellence – where at IHM we exceed Wisconsin state standards – but act as an extension of the home. IHM’s faith-based education sets a healthy foundation to guide your child on a firm path of making correct life choices.

      We are a welcoming community that works together with parents, with staff, and with one another to develop a nurturing environment with strong Catholic roots. We communicate regularly with parents to ensure that each individual student is exceeding his or her expectations.

      Elementary and middle school are an exciting time of development and curiosity for children, so we provide many avenues of discovery. Students learn by doing at IHM. They participate at weekly Mass and use our interactive white boards to broadcast the “morning news” among other activities. Our world language program offers Spanish, German, and French. A local artist directs our art program, a Christmas concert and church choir are available in our music program, and a variety of sports are offered from fifth grade and up. Other programs and opportunities include student council, drama, and a Washington, D.C trip for seventh and eighth graders.

      Our qualified and certified staff of 28 includes several members with over 15 years of academic experience. IHM is proud to have on staff Sister Sue Keim, a Sinsinawa Dominican Sister. Father John Silva teaches weekly in the classrooms.

      Our 1,000 family parish has supported our school since 1954. IHM grants students opportunities to live their faith, not only by attending weekly Mass, but also by participating in ceremonies like our Veteran’s Day Service, Lent and Advent prayer services, and altar serving.
      Along with a sense of belonging and community, IHM accommodates busy parent schedules with convenient drop off and pick up, and a pay-as-you-go wrap around program available in the early afternoons and evenings.

      We offer modest tuition through our parish supported events like Fabulous Fish Fry Fridays, Winter Gala, and summer Golf Outing. IHM’s Scrip program, payment plans, online payment, and multi-child discounts make IHM an affordable choice with tremendous value.

      We invite you to visit Immaculate Heart of Mary for an in-person, one-on-one tour of our facilities.  Please call 608-221-1521 ext. 311 or email tour@ihm-school.org to schedule your visit.

      Prayerfully yours,

      Mary Bartsch, Principal

    • Reminders from the School Office
      Don't forget to wear your church uniform on Thursdays!

      ♥ Please make sure to send your child with appropriate outdoor wear for the weather. Make sure to label all outdoor clothing with your child's name. Please remember that the office will not provide outdoor gear if they are not brought to school. It is a great time to review our policy regarding winter clothing and outdoor recess.
      ♥ Please remember to follow the guidelines for dropping off and picking up students in the back of the school! Please be patient and safe!

      ♥ Please do not ring the doorbell to enter the school during morning drop-off. The school office is a very busy place at that time, and it becomes very difficult to monitor who is entering the building.
    • Calendar
      • Aug 10, 2014
        12:00 PM
        Benefitting the IHM Scholarship Fund
      • Aug 25, 2014
        4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
        Preschool thru 8th grade are all welcome from 4-6 p.m.
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